Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Trip Back to our Honeymoon, Campobello Island, Canada, ocean

Back in September, my wife and I went on our honeymoon in Maine, USA and Campobello Island, Canada. The following photos are some scenes from Campobello Island.

FDR's summer home looking towards Maine

FDR's summer home close up
Believe it or not, this summer home is officially called a cottage

To the beach

On the beach towards the Atlantic Ocean
Facing the bluffs of Grand Manan Island six miles out

Another bluff and beach view

The curving shore line

Campobello Island coast line

Another bluff and coastline view from Campobello Island


Cergie said...

I like this wood brige with the shadow just in the iddle of it. It tell me a travel story
I can imagine how your wife and treasure (a new world you learned to me, thank you) all these pictures, these landscapes where you'll go back later so feelingly...

Last year was a great year for you both. I hope you will have a great 2008 year too with plenty pictures to share with us...

... Paige said...

Of course that is a cottage. That is small for the ones we have here in Texas. LOL
Beautiful photos

Ginnie said...

It's WONDERFUL, Tim, that you went back to such a special place so soon after your honeymoon. Good for you. It's what keeps a marriage thriving.

sage said...

We all have different ideas of what constitutes a cottage, don't we? a beautiful place.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, Cergie. 2007 was a great year and 2008 is starting out really well, too. I hope you experience life similarly.

Thanks, paige. I like your humor! :)

Thanks, ginnie. It was a good return via my photos.

Thanks, sage. I think you are right.