Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Perkiomen Watershed

This past Saturday my wife and I went for a short hike along the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek at the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy Headquarters near Schwenksville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. With dressing up warm, it was a good day for a hike.

Some bright red berries

A large moss-covered tree trunk

A green sprout in the midst of winter brown

Tell me what you see.
Let your imagination run wild.

A winter forest view above one's head

Jet lines in the sky

A fallen moss-covered log

A white and gray barronness

A lone dancing evergreen


kontan said...

Lovely pics! Thanks for stopping by my spot on the web

Cergie said...

All these pictures are so artistic
The one of the jet lines pleases to me very much
I like the branches of berries. The birds will have to eat.

And I can see a wolf.

sage said...

I always enjoy your hikes--and your two family thanksgiving looked wonderful (and what a spread at your family's gathering).

Ginnie said...

Don't ever stop taking your photos, Tim! They always tell a wonderful story of your hikes!

pd said...

lovely pictures,must have been an enjoyable hike! If I let my imagination run wild then it reminds me of the face of a character in the movie Ice Age:)!

Paige said...

the moss is a wonderful color of green.
I see a sleeping wolf.

Happy new year to you and the Mrs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim, This is ocean with a new name. I see an owl in picture #4. May the new year flood your home with happiness,your heart with love, your life with fulfillment, your soul with strength, your body with good health,your mind with wisdom...and your computer with lots of ram. Happy New Year 2008!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, kontan. It was fun stopping by your blog.

Thanks, cergie. The photo with the jet lines pleases me, too. :)

Thanks, sage. I'm glad you enjoyed my hikes. And Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Thanks, ginnie. I love telling the stories of my hikes when time allows me to do so.

Thanks, pd. Hiking is wonderful. My wife and I went for a two mile walk this afternoon at nearby park. It was quite refreshing. :)

Thanks, paige. Moss can be so beautiful!

Thanks, sunflower. And may you, too, have a blessed New Year.

Cergie said...

You did not tell us what you saw Tim....