Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An Early November Visit to Otts Greenhouses

Back in early November I visited Otts Greenhouses near Schwenksville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Its a large greenhouse operation that I like to visit every once in a while. And with it being rather wintery of recent I thought these flowers would brighten up the scene. :)


samrina said...


Hope you're well.

Take care

Cergie said...

I'm remembering that your brother has such a green house. With golden fishes. Mine are now sleeping quietly outside in my half-barrel
In such green houses and inside our own home, it's possible to keep these wonderful flowers which'ld be frozen outside because of the cold.

Tim, I was happy to read your comments when I awaked this morning. I was waiting you. Cergipontin was created because of you, because I needed somewhere to reveive you.
And you came the first reader on it...
You commented under the picture I uploaded for my 500th post

God bless you, my dear friend...

Ginnie said...

One word: FABULOUS!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, samrina. I am doing well.

Thanks, cergie. And I'm glad to have played a part in getting you started with blogging. It is fun!

Thanks, ginnie. Those flowers are gorgeous!