Friday, December 07, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner on My Side

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we had our gathering on my side of the family. It was an excellent day of food, fun, and fellowship catching up with one another. Below are some photos from that day.

Feasting at the table of plenty

My wife having a conversation with one of my nieces

Playing games

Playing Pit - this gets loud and active

Women's time


Story Time


Sharon said...

I always like to see family pictures so I know what I'm missing out on!:) Maybe next year?!:)

Paige said...

Looks like y'all had a great time together

Cergie said...

Coucou, tim
It is a blessing having such a large family, I ever say the same, how to say something else though ?
At Christmas, my daughter will be at her fiancé's family and my younger son will be in Australia. Maybe, we'll be only six persons because I'll ask my neighbours to came and have a lunch with us that day...
I don't know already in fact. Maybe my eldest brother and his wife will be at home.... We live so far the ones from the others...

Cergie said...

How many persons where there for the gathering, I wonder, Tim ?

Ginnie said...

I always love seeing your family gatherings, Tim. It's like they SHOULD be!

Tim Rice said...

Hi Sharon. Glad you enjoy seeing these pictures. Sorry you are missing out on these events. But my wife and I are so glad you could make it to our wedding a few months back.

Thanks, paige. It was a great time of enjoying one another.

Thanks, cergie. I do enjoy my large family. It sounds good that you plan to have your neighbors join you for Christmas though missing family members is a tough break.

Thanks, ginnie. Our family gatherings are good!