Monday, January 09, 2006

Views from the Home Farm - The Barn

When I was a child, my dad used this barn mainly for chickens, farm equipment, and storage of straw bales. When dad was a child, it also housed some cows and pigs. And as a kid, I used to use the barn for some ducks I raised for a hobby.

This is the front center of the barn as viewed from the farm house. The barn extends to the right with a barn hill and a two story extension behind the barn hill. It extends to the left with parts of it being one and two stories.

This is the part of the left side of the barn that is closest to the farm house You can notice the main peak of the barn in the background.

This is the part of the left side of the barn that is furtherest from the farm house.

This is the back side of the barn.


Zanne said...

That's one impressive barn. What was the function of that backside?

Tim Rice said...

From what my dad has said I believe the barn was randomly built on whenever previous ancestors needed more space. The back side of the barn from closest to furtherest was used for farm equipment storage with an upstairs shop followed by stables and a straw mount.

San Nakji said...

it's so cool you have a barn. just like the movies!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, san nakji. Actually, I now only have it indirectly. I no longer live on the farm but can still visit it. I must say thought that I never thought about it being "just like the movies." But then again the vast majority of people probably don't have any real close connections with barns.