Sunday, January 08, 2006

Junior Youth and Senior Adult Game Afternoon

This afternoon my home church junior youth and senior adults had a joint game activity time together. We should have assigned youth and adults to the various tables to ensure a good mix of ages at each table. We didn't and so I guess we will need to take it as a lesson learned for the next time.

These are three of my four sixth grade Sunday School class students setting up to play Dutch Blitz. After I took the picture, I joined in the game. After several rounds of Dutch Blitz, we played Rummikub.

This table group is playing a form of Dominos known as Chicken Foot.

The youth at this table are playing a version of Sports Monopoly.


San Nakji said...

How does Sports Monopoly work?

Tim Rice said...

That's a good question. I have never played it and hadn't seen it before Sunday. So I can't real answer the question at this time. I was busy playing other games like Dutch Blitz, Rummikub, and Chicken Foot. I'm sorry.

Crystal said...

Board Games--how fun!

Tim Rice said...

I love board games, too. As a kid, we played a lot of them especially in the winter and during stormy weather anytime. During the summer and anytime the weather was relatively warm and nice, Mom liked to encourage us to play outside.