Monday, January 02, 2006

Reminiscing - Feeding a Peacock at the Zoo

Ah, I found a childhood picture from long ago. My mom and dad would often take us to the Philadelphia or Norristown Zoo during our childhood days. We looked forward to those trips to see all the different animals. And it was especially fun when feeding some of the animals was allowed such as feeding the peacock in this particular picture. And how photography has advanced since then. When I first started taking pictures, it was mostly done in black and white film. And now we're on to digital photography - something unheard of back then. It wasn't even in our minds. Seeing the changes that have taken place in my life time makes me wonder how many changes mom and dad must be seeing.


Godknows said...

I love the color of the peacock, I've seen once in my city's zoo. loved it. Enjoyed your blog. Happy New Year.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, godknow. I think peacocks are gloriously colored, too. And I may see more of them. One of my brothers not too long ago got some for his mini-farm.