Thursday, January 26, 2006

Honduras, part 3 - Tortilla Making

A couple different times while in Honduras, a Honduran showed some of us how to make tortillas. In this picture, my team leader was trying his hand at it. The tortillas are being made over a wood fire. They shape, flip, and remove the tortillas with their bare hands; no utensils are used for those purposes.


RubySoho said...

Are they corn tortillas, or flour tortillas? In my mom's hometown they make tortillas the size of pizzas. When I make them they always come out in odd shapes. LOL I always have fun though!

Tim Rice said...

Hi rubysoho. They're corn tortillas. While I was in the San Pedro Sula marketplace in Honduras, I saw them making tortillas the size of pizzas, too. And, hey, who cares if the tortillas come out in funny shapes if you are having fun?