Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Branchwood Park

Last Saturday evening my wife and I went for a walk at Branchwood Park near Morwood, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful sunny evening perfect for a walk.

From studying MapQuest, I think this is Indian Creek - a subsection of the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek.

A bluejay perched on a fence

Large fungi on a tree trunk

Some pretty wildflowers

Wild raspberries


Fred said...

I can remember seeing blue jays all the time growing up in NY. I can't recall the last time I've seen one here in Florida.

... Paige said...

those are beautiful photos. I don't get to see blue jays here we do have several cardinals near our home, but those mean (really mean) mocking birds chase them away

Cergie said...

The first think I notice is the blackberry's photo. How is it possible they are ripe already ?
They are tOOOooOO nice. Exactly looking like sweets in fact.
Really, there are lot of pretty pictures on this post.
I will choose the picture of the pink flower today, which seems to be a French silk foulard

Ginnie said...

I think I need to go take a good walk, Tim! We're flying to Michigan in a few more hours to be at the family reunion. I think a walk is already calling to me!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, fred. Blue jays are beautiful but aggressive birds.

Thanks, paige. I love cardinals, too.

Thanks, cergie. Glad you enjoyed this post. And black raspberries are yummy!

Thanks, ginnie. A good walk does almost everyone good. :)

madretz said...

Ok, I'll send you some homemade strawberry ice cream via the internets if you promise to enjoy it by that creek!