Friday, July 04, 2008

A Hike in Stover's State Park and Tohickon Valley County Park

Tuesday a week ago I went for a several hour hike from mid-morning to late mid-afternoon at Stover's State Park and the contiguous Tohickon Valley County Park in Tinicum and Plumstead Townships, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful mostly sunny day. Below are some of the sights from that hike.

A portion of the Tohickon Creek

A humongus fungus
Measures more than fifteen inches across

A beautiful pink wild rose

A path going down into Stover's State Park towards the creek

I like the color of this red fungus

A moss-covered fallen tree trunk

A majestic view even if it is only a vulture

Impressive brown fungi growing on a live tree


Fred said...

Lots of fungi! It must be a wet summer up there.

Ginnie said...

We have a fungus among-us. :) I love it, Tim.

Cergie said...

I agree with you, these pink wild rose is soOOOoo gorgeous. I would like to have one bush of it in my garden (however I have no more place, my garden is too small what a pity)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, fred. The weather is not as wet as we would like it to be. In fact, I haven't seen as much fungi this year as other years.

Thanks, ginnie. Good humor! :)

Thanks, cergie. Wild roses are special.