Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Hike at Swamp Creek Park

Tuesday two weeks ago, I went for a hike at Swamp Creek Park in New Hanover Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It was a warm sunny delightful day to be out and about in nature. Below are some of the sights from my hike.

A view of Swamp Creek

A beautiful view along a hedgerow

A close up view

Swamp Creek Schoolhouse built circa 1850

Swamp Creek Schoolhouse bell

Pretty blooms

A fallen tree trunk with a beauty all its own

I think this might be an older schoolhouse
used prior to the one built circa 1850


Ginnie said...

You know I love nature in its glory, Tim, but that school house is something else!

Fred said...

Being a teacher, I enjoyed seeing what schools looked many years ago. Great pictures, Tim.

Cergie said...

Schools looking like churchs, I find. Maybe, they are used as school during the week and church on sunday?
The view of the creek and the picture of the trunk are both special ; I particularly like them, they are like awaked dreams.

SUMAC de VIRGINIE : now it grows everywhere here in the mountains ; it is gorgeous especially in Autumn, however it is not native in Europe

Yes, the bloom is very pretty, simple ; I like it and you managed to catch it well.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. I'm fascinated by one room schoolhouses, too.

Thanks, fred. It was fun taking these photos.

Thanks, cergie. And I'm always amazed with your knowledge of the names of plants. I always look forward to reading your comments.