Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Play Time

Today was once again time for me to play with keleidoscopic art. These all come from a photo of some rhododendron blossoms. A portion of the original photo is shown down at the end of this post.


Ginnie said...

You're the only one I ever see doing this, Tim, so I'm always delighted. No disappointment once again!

christina said...

Those are so beautiful and unique. I love the purple/green colour combination.

Sharon said...

Nice kaleidascopes!

Fred said...

My daughter is going to love these shots. She's getting into photography and will want to do something like this.

sage said...

Beautiful--one day you're going to ahve to tutor me in how to do this!

Cergie said...

How amazing it is : the top picture exactly looks like ornemental cabbage (green and purple with a curly pattern)
The 4th one from the top = green peas
The one at the bottom at the same time does me happy and sad : my rhododendron were all faded when we came back from California


Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. I find keleidoscopes to be fun! :)

Thanks, christina. I enjoy being artistic and playful this way. :)

Thanks, sharon. Glad you enjoyed them.

Thanks, fred. With the right program, it's fun and easy. :)

Thanks, sage. I do this with Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI. Any further questions, let me know.

Thanks, cergie. Glad you enjoyed these. And I'm sorry to hear that your rhododendrons were faded by the time you came home.