Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An Afternoon in Nature

This afternoon I took a short hike a few miles away home. These are some of the wildflowers and a beautiful tree trunk I saw.


Fred said...

If I hiked a few miles from my house I'd get lost. Great pictures!

Cergie said...

So ! It's me !
How are you sister Daisy ?

No names for these wild flowers, Tim ? I know the butter cup. I like it elsewhere than in my garden, for its wonderful golden color.
I believe the tree is maybe a plane tree because of its peeling. Don't you think so ?

Ginnie said...

You always find the most beautiful wildflowers, Tim. The tree trunk reminds me of a watercolor painting!

Kevin S said...

I've always thought that the smallest flowers were the most beautiful and your pictures do a great job of capturing their delicate, simple beauty. Thanks for sharing them.

sage said...

As always, beautiful.

... Paige said...

Very pretty.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, fred. Glad you enjoyed these photos. And sometimes it is fun to get lost. ;)

Thanks, cergie. Life has just gotten too busy these days to name everything even though that does make a post more meaningful.

Thanks, ginnie. Nature does reward us with its beauty when we take time to observe it.

Thanks, kevin s. I do enjoy photographing these small flowers.

Thanks, saige and paige. I'm glad to provide photos of nature's beauty.