Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Visiting Monte Maria in Mexico City

From May 8 to 13 my wife and I went along with our pastor on a trip to the Monte Maria Church in Mexico City, Mexico. Our pastor was teaching in a school of ministry being held during that time period. My wife and I went along to help build relationships there between our two churches, to serve as prayer companions, and as it turned out to help with child care. Below are some photos from our time there.

This photo is from the early worship service held on Sunday mornings. This service is for members only. In order to enter the building, the members have to hand in a computer card. This first service is a teaching and dicipling service. Following this service an outdoor evangelistic and healing service is held. The building for the members only service holds around 3,000 people; the outdoor worship area has benches for many more people.

On the left in this picture of a picture is Pastor Arelio who was the founder of this church. He was a Catholic priest until the Catholic church kicked him out for his evangelistic activities. The person on the right is Pastor Roberto who was chosen to fill Pastor Arelio's spot when he passed on. This particular photo was taken during an outdoor evangelistic meeting in Mexico City. Notice how the hands in the photo form the symbol of the cross.

We were down there over Mother's Day. And in honor of all mothers, the Monte Maria Church gave all mothers free ice cream after the worship service. This was part of the line-up for the ice cream. The women dressed in red and white uniforms served as ushers in the church.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife and I assisted with children's activities. In this photo, we were out on the playground and I was catching the little children as they came down the slide. It was fun!

We made one overnight trip into the mountains three hours northeast of Mexico City. They were holding evangelistic tent meetings there. This photo was taken during a prayer time. During prayer times both the speaker and the attenders pray at the same time.

This is a view in Mexico City near the church's guest house where we stayed while we were down there.

Here are some beautiful flowers from an early morning hike in Mexico City. In a later post I may show some more flowers from down there.

Here is a view of some mountains from when we traveled outside of Mexico City.

You can see more photos from this trip on the web page of Perkiomenville Mennonite Church.


Ginnie said...

You could write a book, Tim, about all the missions trips you have taken!

Fred said...

Looks like a great trip, Tim. Thanks for sharing the pictures...looks like you were busy!

... Paige said...

Looks like y'all had a good trip.

Cergie said...

Are you sure you were not in an Francisco ? Because of the slope of the street and the mist. San Francisco is very foggy, you know.
I wonder how long by plane you need to go there. Was it a long travel ?

And I can notice that you are well accustomed with young children. Of course, you have so many nephews and nieces and now you got the ones of your wife

sage said...

You always have great shots--and you're doing such good work with missions.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. I do enjoy going on mission trips. I'd do more of them if I could raise enough funds. :)

Thanks, fred. I enjoy sharing my experiences from trips like this one.

Thanks, paige. Mission trips are a great way of exploring and sharing God's world and life with others.

Thanks, cergie. Mexico City is located in rather high elevations with many hills and mountains around. Flying time wasn't too long - maybe something like five or six hours with some additional wait time between flights.

Thanks, sage. I enjoy doing this kind of work and sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am planning a trip to M.C. in October and would like to visit the church. Can you tell me a nearby Metro station or address/neighborhood?