Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Barnegat Bay Lighthouse and Wild Fowl

The same day that my wife and I visited Island Beach State Park in New Jersey, we also visited Barnegat Lighthouse State Park on Long Beach Island in New Jersey near evening. The first three photos are different views of the lighthouse. And this lighthouse is tall! The next three photos are bird pictures; the two of the white bird are best viewed in the larger size. Sometime we want to go back and spend more time there. But that day it was too windy and cold and we were getting hungry. :)

Across the inlet is Island Beach State Park
where we were earlier in the day.


Fred said...

I grew up on Long Island and remember fondly the trips we used to take to Montauk Point. It looked just like this.

Thanks for bringing back some great memories with your pictures.

Ginnie said...

WONDERFUL, Tim. I would collect lighthouses like windmills if I were around them more often! :)

sage said...

as always, you have some beautiful photos

... Paige said...


CabinWriter-- said...

That is some tall 'un! The one we have on the Mississippi Gulf coast is a midget in comparison. But, it has survived dozens of hurricanes to the point it now serves as a design on our latest vehicle tag.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, fred. I'm glad my photos bring back good memories.

Thanks, ginnie. Lighthouses are wonderful and beautiful structures.

Thanks, sage. Glad you enjoy these photos.

Thanks, paige. Nature does have a grandeur.

Thanks, cabinwriter. Good to hear from you.

Cergie said...

Atlantic Ocean looks exactly like Pacific Ocean, however I was happy to go until your Far West, Tim !