Saturday, May 03, 2008

Island Beach State Park, NJ, Part 1

Saturday a week ago, my wife and I took a day trip to the New Jersey shore. One of the stops we made was Island Beach State Park located near the town of Seaside Park, New Jersey. Most of the photos below are landscape views of the area. In another post, some of the plant life will be shown closer up. It was a cold windy mostly cloudy day yet good for walking as long as one did not stay on the shore line too long.

Fishermen - Brrr!!!

The shore line and a seagull

Sand dunes

Lunch in the car

A view from the bay side, no. 1

A view from the bay side, no. 2


sage said...

surf fishing in the spring? that's a fall sport.

Cergie said...

I presume that you lovely wife helped you and took at least one photo
What a chance having a good trip and change of scene (we were in California during three weeks my husband and I. And the weather was rather HOT)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, sage. I don't know much about fishing. But there were many people there doing this kind of fishing.

Thanks, cergie. And you're right. My wife is lovely and she did take a couple photos.