Sunday, April 20, 2008

A walk around Telford

This past Monday I took a walk around Telford. The first two photos are wildflowers growing in my lawn. The rest are garden flowers located around town. Spring is here! :) :) :)


Cergie said...

Sometimes, flowers need being alone, however there, I do prefer when they are plenty all together. In particular on the picture at the bottom. What a gorgeous bunch !
(In French "rose de noël" = Christmas roses. Usually blossoming in the snow. Often blossoming now in spring too.)

... Paige said...

We are in the mist of summer here. Spring sprung a couple of weeks ago.
ah life in the south

Ginnie said...

I know that spring came late to many parts of the country, Tim, but I see it has finally come to you. GREAT!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, cergie. I enjoy hearing your perspectives.

Thanks, paige, for your visit. And yes, I imagine that it can get quite warm in the South.

Thanks, ginnie. I have other Spring pictures that I hope to post. But so much is going on in my life only time will tell whether that will happen. :)