Saturday, April 12, 2008

An evening with our nieces

This past Monday evening, we had our three nieces at our place. At the beginning of the evening, we spent some time at a nearby playground in town. Later we spent some time playing games, watching a video, and doing some other miscellaneous things. It was an excellent evening of fun and spending time together. Below are a few photos from the evening.


Anonymous said...

What cute nieces! :<) The girls certainly had an enjoyable evening as well. Thanks again, Tim and Sue!

Cergie said...

No picture of you for that time ? I can imagine you climbing like a goat on the games
I'm sure it was fine being all together you, your dear wife and your lovely nieces

Tim said...

Thanks, brother. It was a wonderful time together and something that my wife and I would enjoy doing again. :) :) :)

Thanks, cergie. It was a special time for my wife and me with our nieces.