Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Hike on the Banbury Mopac Trail, Part 1

This past Wednesday I took a hike on the Banbury-Mopac Trail in Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It was beautiful, sunny, spring day. And I was rewarded with a number of signs of spring some of which will await for part two of this post.

Budding trees

Forsythias blooming

More early tree buddings against the sky

Some of the first new leaf growth sighted

Early spring flowers

A creek passing through and tree shapes

A barb wire landscape

Jet lines in the sky

A sight to make the imagination soar


Ginnie said...

It feels like this spring is more spectacular than in the recent past, Tim...probably because winter hung on for so long?! I love your way of capturing it for us.

Cergie said...

At the same time here the forsythia flowers are dry and we had snow forvrhe first time this year on last monday. Weird weather that spring.
I can imagine a wolf living in the tree hole. It must be a good place just for a couple in fact.
And the bird for me may be a crow, because of the square tail and the wings. MMMmmm. Maybe not.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. I love capturing spring. :) :) :)

Thanks, cergie. I think the weather has its own mind in these times. As for the bird, I think it is some kind of hawk.