Saturday, April 12, 2008

A hike on the Banbury Mopac Trail, Part 2

Wednesday a week ago, I took a hike on the Banbury-Mopac Trail in Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It was beautiful, sunny, spring day. And it was good to revel in it's beauty. And the birds in the last three photos I believe are some kind of hawks.


... Paige said...

Lovely sunny photos.

sage said...

I see I have some catching up to do, nice pictures. I love the second one of the creek--I can imagine the sound just by looking at the picture. Nicely done.

Cergie said...

Muscari, pretty wild flower growing in each garden now !
I would like to hear the wind blowing in the branches and the hawks shouting all arround me. I'm sure it was great !

Tim said...

Thanks, paige. It was a good day for a walk.

Thanks, sage. Creeks do have their own allure.

Thanks, cergie. It was a wonderful experience hiking that day.