Thursday, May 31, 2007

Visiting with My Brother's Family

This past Monday evening, my fiancée and I visited with one of my brothers and his family. It was a great time of playing, fellowship, food, and just plain fun. :)

Both my fiancée and I had our birthdays last week. So they had made a beautiful birthday cake for us. I took our names off the photo as it is my policy not to share other people's names on my blog.

Cutting the cake

Two of my nieces and my fiancée

My oldest niece


Murf said...

Glad to see ya back. I was thinking maybe something happened to you in the City of Brotherly Love and I was regretting not reminding you to put your wallet in your front pocket while in the big city. :-)

I was wondering about why the cake read 'Happy Birthday and brown rabbit'. Thanks for explaining and kudos on doing such a great job at erasing it.

Also, I noticed on the rock on the fiancee's hand. Way to go, Tim. ;-)

judypatooote said...

Happy Birthday to you Tim and your fiancee...

Murf said...

Oh yes..I forgot that..Happy Belated Birthday!

JAM said...

There's always one kid who wants to show off in their picture. I have about a hundred pics of our daughters upside down on various swing sets. I love it.

Happy belated birthday. The cake looks like some good eatin'.

sage said...

Happy birtday a few days late. I hope your birthday is before your fiance's, that way you'll be reminded of her upcoming birthday

did you have to make your own cake?

christina said...

What a sweet cake! Happy Belated Birthday to both of you.

Faye Pekas said...

Happy belated birthday to both of you. Looks like a fun day :)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, murf. I'm glad to be back, too. :) And the city was just fine! Thanks for the complement about the rock! :)

Thanks, judypatooote. Our birthdays were eventful days.

Thanks, jam. I love kids and love them showing off when done in fun.

Thanks, sage. My birthday comes two days before hers. I shouldn't forget her birthday. :) The cake wasn't made by me but by other people in the bakery and decorated by our decorators of which I am not one.

Thanks, christina. The cake was delicious. It was a raspberry swirl sour cream pound cake.

Thanks, faye pekas. It was a fun day!

Ginnie said...

Gemini birthdays! Way to go, Tim, and Happy Birthday. Mine is coming on the 13th. :)

photowannabe said...

A very Happy Birthday to you and yours.

Mikaela said...

Happy birthday to you both!

Cergie said...

Tim, I'm remembering that last year you showed a cake that your coworkers at the "fabric de copeaux" (How to say that in english ?) cooked for you
It was one year ago !
How I am surprised
It is for me such a simple minute.

Cergie said...

And remember : I sang a French song for you :
"Bon anniversaire, mes voeux les plus sincères... "
Happy birthday to you, Tim.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. Hope you have a great birthday, too.

Thanks, mikaela, for your birthday wishes.

Thanks, cergie. Time does pass so quickly, doesn't it?