Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beginning Good Bye at Deep Run East

The following nature photos were taken at Deep Run Mennonite Church East in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania located about ten miles North of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. They were taken the last day of April. Deep Run East has been my home church about all my life. But the time is soon coming that I'll be making my fiancée's church Perkiomenville Mennonite my home church. We have been splitting our time between our two churches for the past several months. But I am eagerly looking forward to the time my fiancée and I will be attending one church again even though I'll miss my many friends at Deep Run East. In one sense taking these and other photos is a part of my saying good bye to what was once my home church. The very last picture is a photo of Deep Run East Mennonite Church. These pictures are just nature photos but sometime between now and the end of June I may select some of my most valued people photos from Deep Run East activities and present them here in a few posts.


photowannabe said...

Beautiful pictures of the turning point in your life.
I know the Lord will bless both of you where ever you go.

sage said...

Nice looking church--but this change is going to be great

Murf said...

Gee, Tim, despite the optimism that comes through, it seems rather sad to have to make such a choice.

Moi said...

beautiful pictures, Tim. The weather too looks glorious in those parts.......have a great weekend!!

Cergie said...

You are a modern man, usually in the past it was the fiancée who came in the fiancé's home church !
You will be well.
And theses flower trees are gorgeous. I wonder if it is a apple flower tree
Rememeber, tim, my first comment was under a cherry flower tree...

I like particularly the pink one at the top with its beautiful shadow

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, photowannabe. God has been good to us both.

Thanks, sage. And you're right, this change is wonderful!

Thanks, murf. Life does cause us to make choices though. And the reason this choice is being made makes it more than worthwhile.

Thanks, moi. And we have been having some great weather up here.

Thanks, cergie. For my lady, this choice is gladly made even though I will miss friends and family from Deep Run East. But there are neat people at my new home church to be also.

Ginnie said...

I know this has got to be a huge transition for you, Tim! They will miss you as much as you will them, I'm sure. The good news is that you are gaining a new family and NOT losing the old. The church transition is very symbolic of your up-coming marriage. I wish you nothing but the best in all these "moves."