Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reflection On Deep Run East Mennonite Church

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will soon be attending my fiancée's church Perkiomenville Mennonite full time. But in the mean time I am doing some reflection on Deep Run East Mennonite Church which has been my home church for more than four decades. In this post, I am showing some pictures centering around the worship service activities.

The people in my congregation enjoy fellowshipping with one another

My church's lead pastor

One of our many lay leaders

A worship team leading singing in my church

Children's time being led by my church's associate pastor and wife

Our chimes choir

Trumpets or Trombones at Easter time

Ushers handing out bulletins before worship begins

An interior view of our sanctuary taken from the balcony


Anonymous said...

Renee says you need to brush up on your brass instruments! I believe the "trumpet" players are actually playing trombones. Or does someone truly acquainted with brass instruments need to correct me??

We enjoy viewing your blog in the (possibly) limited time that we still have high speed internet access.

Phil & co.

Moi said...

beautiful, happy pictures ....

Murf said...

Thanks for visually taking me to church. I think I'm now off the hook for another 8 months. :-)

Marguerite said...

Trumpets and trombones ! You remember how I like these instruments !
It's good having pictures to remeber your home church...
When it's time to get married it's time to choose...

We say "tourner la page"
The pages of life's book must be turn...

Marguerite said...

Your pastor is soooo young

Our French President is sooo young toooooo !


JAM said...

Wonderful set of photos. Looks like a happy bunch of folks. I'm sure the switch will be bittersweet for you. Best wishes.

sage said...

Do you play an instrument? nice photos.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, phil and co. I am not very musically knowledgeable. :)

Thanks, moi. These people are special to me.

Hi, murf. I won't let you off the hook though. :)

Thanks, marguerite. Life does change; but this is a good change even though sad to leave a home I have loved.

Thanks, jam.

Hi, sage. Nope, I don't play a musical instrument although when a kid I did take piano and organ lessons.