Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Moon In Souderton, Pennsylvania

Last night after I came home from a Live Your Calling Discovery Group session, I took some time to photograph the moon. The moon had been really large in the sky but till I got my camera out and set up it had already decreased somewhat in size. Nevertheless, I thought it was still beautiful. The last photo was a slow shutter speed and the second photo was cropped before making it the same pixel width as the other photos here.

Reflects proportions of original photo

Cropped photo shown at same pixel width

Reflects proportions of original photo

Photo taken at a slow shutter speed and a moon reflection


Charley Pitchford said...

Very nice. I loved to watch the moon as a child. I remember laying on my back in the back seat of my parents' car on return trips from my sister's home. I'd watch the moon as it "followed" us from above and was always enthralled by it's beauty!!!

Minka said...

Wow, now that is very impressive and a high definition camera too:)

Coral said...

Tim Tim Tim

Preciosas Fotografias como siempre

pasaba a saludarte y desearte

Beautiful Day

sage said...

Great shots!

Cergie said...

Really, these pictures are wonderful...
It is necessary to be very still to manage to have a moon so neat despite the darkness of the sky and the lack of light

Bravo !

Kevin Stilley said...

Neat sonogram of the moon. It looks like it is going to be a boy! Congrats.

photowannabe said...

Nice shots. You captured the moon so well.

Moi said...

wow! i can never get my camera to do that, somehow.........and lol @ kevin's remark!!!!

Merili said...

Somehow I don't get to see many pictures of the full moon.. These are great!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, charley pitchford. It is fun to lay back and watch the moon.

Thanks, minka. Glad you like the photos.

Gracias, coral. Me gusta que pasaba aquí.

Thanks, sage. I had fun experimenting with these shots.

Thanks, cergie. It helped that I was using a tripod. :)

Thanks, kevin stilley. I like your humor. :)

Thanks, photowannabe. And it was a fun night to do try.

Thanks, moi. I did use a 300 mm zoom lens.

Thanks, merili. Glad you enjoyed them.

San Nakji said...

I am jealous that you get such great moon photos! It is the sign of an awesome photographer!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, san nakji. I am honored.