Monday, October 02, 2006

Shades of Red

Currents shimmering
Views hazing cross the distance
A glow hanging, falling
A vibrancy in shades of monochrome
A consciousness afire

Reality in the midst of unreality
Thoughts a world away
Yet a world nearer
Uniting, separating, felt and unfelt
A unity rising in depths of dissonance


Carmel said...


samrina said...

Nice poetry:)


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Very nice poetry Tim.
I was trying to find the picture that you used and I was leaning towards the picture below, but it doesn't match up just right.
Pretty effect on the picture though.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!! :o) I really like your blog! You post such AMAZING photos & entries! :o) Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm very glad you enjoy my work, thank you so much! :o)

RubySoho said...

amazingly beautiful words put to imagery.

Ash said...

Nice one, Tim!

M(urf)! said...

Hi Tim. The picture is wallpaper in a Chinese restaurant (don't forget, I'm not insane, just blurting out whatever comes to mind with your pictures).

choochoo said...

I've been driving myself nuts staring at that picture, trying to figure out what it is. I have to stop now, I think:)

sage said...

wow, I love that picture and the poem! Good work.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, carmel. Glad you like it.

Thanks, samrina. Every once in a while I try to get a bit creative with words. :)

Thanks, abandoned in pasadena. Nope, at this point in time you won't find the original picture on this blog. Glad you like the effect.

Thanks, jon cox. I enjoy sharing these photos and words with my readers.

Hi, rubysoho. Glad you like the words and imagery. Thanks.

Thanks, ash. I have fun transforming photos and words.

Hi, murf. No problem. What you saw could well be. Thanks.

Hi, choochoo. The original picture was a creek lined with trees on either side. It was taken in the early morning hours while mist was still rising off the waters. Hope I didn't make you go too nuts! ;)

Thanks, sage. It's neat to have people to share it with.

Cergie said...

For that time, I'll just say : "beautiful !"
Yes, it's a beautiful picture, all is beautiful, shape, colour (red currant juice, yummy)... Congratulations, tim.

Lynn said...

Excellent work Tim..and the poem - very nice...

Bobby said...

Great words and picture. I love red. This is one of my favorites that you've done!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cergie. Glad you liked it. There's alot in there to discover and enjoy.

Thanks, lynn.

Hi, bobby. Glad you liked the poem and picture.

Paige said...

dissonance, Great word to end a good poem with. Nice piece

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, paige. I like to use colorful words when I can.