Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Fall Landscape

I took this photo last night over Deep Run way near Bedminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was evening and windy. A cold front had arrived earlier that afternoon.

On a different note, I hope to respond to all comments made on previous posts yet tonight. But if I don't, it will probably be because I am just now heading out to a pumpkin carving festival.


christina said...

Well I'd say a pumpkin carving festival is a pretty good reason for not responding to comments! Hope you take lots of pictures (like anyone could stop you).

Very beautiful photo. I love the colours.

Anonymous said...

I agree with christina. A pumpkin carving festival sounds like more fun than sitting home commenting. Post some pics!

I love the sky on this photo. Could be an Oregon sky.

Cergie said...

Do enjoy your festival, tim and write as I do someime an answer for everybody.

Take please beautiful pictures for sharing.

These clouds are looking as ours above cergie often. (They are coming from the atlantic ocean).
Because we have a pretty weather: not too dry, not too wet.
Just pretty.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, christina. I'm glad you understand. :) And I did have a great time. And you're right nobody was going to stop me from taking pictures. ;)

Thanks, faye pekas. Both are needful; it's a matter of scheduling but I'm glad you understand, too. :) Actually in the end, it was Blogger that kept me from responding before now.

Thanks, cergie. So you, too, have similar weather phenomenon as here.

Now, I just need to find time to visit other people's blogs. :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love that blue sky with the puffy clouds and you can see a bit or orange colored leaves on the trees...very pretty.

Ginnie said...

Sometimes the clouds are the picture for me! I love them!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, abandoned in pasadena. I think it gives just a hint of the changing of the seasons.

Hi, ginnie. Clouds can make or break a picture at times. Certainly the clouds are an important element of this picture.

Sarad said...

looks more like a portrait. lovely!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, sarad. I never really thought of the photo in terms of being a portrait. But I think I see now how that might really fit.