Monday, October 23, 2006

Pumpkinfest 2006 - The Daisy Jug Band

I mentioned in my last post that this post would feature the Daisy Jug Band that was playing most of the time I was at the Pumpkinfest in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They were a talented group of musical entertainers playing both ordinary and not so ordinary instruments. They are worth hearing; but many of the songs were whiskey and beer drinking ballads. I found that somewhat ironic and incongruent with the festival being actively advertised as a drug and alcohol free event. The Daisy Jug Band has been performing since 1971 mostly in eastern Pennsylvania and the Poconos.

So here are the Band characters and I mean characters. To fully soak in the feel of the moment, I encourage the reader to click on the picture to get the larger view.

For one song, the band invited about ten children to come forward to beat on pots and pans to the beat of the music. They did excellent!

Here's two views of the scrub-board bass instrument.

In the photo above and below is a guy playing the wash-tub.

I love this guy's grin.

These two pictures above and below give the background view of the performance and the Pumpkinfest. The structure behind the stage and the structure shown in the next photo are all part of one the building - the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. At some point I am planning to make that a separate post all its own.

The content of this photo is located mostly to the audience's right of the stage. To the far right is the line of people going into the courtyard to view carved pumpkins.

And lastly but not least I have to include at least one carved pumpkin in this post. The label at the top read Gourd - Bride of Pumpkinfest. And then it has video covers from different movies with one of then being King Kong.


M(urf)! said...

Good to see that the band came dressed up for the occasion. Looks like even one of the pairs of jeans might have been clean. ;-) And that is funny that they sang drinkin' songs. They were probably so giddy at having a 'gig' that they didn't notice that fine print. :-)

Tropical Screamer said...

It looks like a fun day. The pumpkin is great.


Anonymous said...

good fun!! :)\and i love the grinning guy's almost-double-chin too :D

Cergie said...

We have sometimes such fest too.
I find that really convivial.

Are these professional singers ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun fest.

sage said...

the band looks like that fit into the whole festival. Time for some pumpkin pie!

Anonymous said...

Funny:) We just had applefest here, which seems to be more or less the exact same get-up, only with apples.

Paige said...

Too cool. Can't wait to see the post about the tile place.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, murf. I actually think the way the band dressed was appropriate for the occasion and time of year. You did note that the seating for audience was only straw bales. As for having a 'gig', their schedule shows them performing somewhere almost every Saturday night from this past summer into next spring.

Hi, tropical screamer. It was a fun evening and a great festival.

Hi, moi. The grinning guy's physical appearance and expressiveness I think really added to the group's performance.

Hi, cergie. It was quite a friendly atmosphere. I had to look the word convivial up; I wasn't quite sure what it meant but it definitely does fit. :) This group performs almost weekly though I'm not sure that they make their whole living from their performances.

Hi, benjamin potter. It was a fun fest. The whole atmosphere was festive. :)

Thanks, sage. And, yes, it is pumpkin pie time. And you should see all the pumpkin pies we make where I work come Thanksgiving!

Hi, choochoo. If your apple fest is like a folk fest, it probably is similar. I noticed that another town near me is having an apple fest coming up. Don't know if I'll get to that though. October here is a month for many festivals.

Hi, paige. The post about the tile place may be a bit longer in coming. I want to go tour it hopefully sometime between now and the end of November.

Carmel said...

oh wow great photos, the pumpkin fest looks like a very fun thing to have. I enjoyed that thanks.

mreddie said...

Very cute characters - the little ones that is. :) ec

Ava said...


I'm back on line!!!


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The band looked like they really enjoyed performing and those kids were cute, especially the little boy to the far right...he was really getting into playing his instrument.

Tai said...

Love that pumpkin!

Ginnie said...

If we didn't have our traditions and our festivals, just think how boring life would be! I find that the calandar months hang on these activities that bring anticipation and joy to our otherwise daily "grind." It's clear that your neck of the woods does it up right!

Natalie said...

All i can say is, what cute kiddies!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, carmel. The Pumpkinfest was indeed fun; I only regret that I didn't know about it in its prior fifteen years.

Hi, mreddie. The kids were indeed cute!

Welcome back, Ava. Good to hear from you.

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. I think the band exists because they enjoy playing together. I think that is what really pulls their fans to them. The little kids really did get into it and particularly so the one to the far right.

Thanks, tai. Good to hear from you again. :)

Thanks, ginnie. Traditions and festivals do so much to make life go round in good and meaningful ways.

Hi, natalie. Those kids definitely are cute!

spicebear said...

oh wow! this looks like it was lots of fun!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, spicebear. This was fun. I lost myself to time and self while there. It was a joyful celebration. :)

judypatooote said...

Well it sounds like you had a good drinking ballads at alcohol free event, hummmmm...that's crazy.....