Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Church's Junior Youth Swim Party

This past Sunday, I helped with my church's Junior Youth swim party. It began around three in the afternoon and ended around seven in the evening. Below are some pictures of the activities that afternoon/evening.

While this was suppose to be a swim party, the first part of the afternoon, it wasn't and then only a few came out to have fun intially. Here a water volleyball game has begun.

What kept many of the Junior Youth from the water was a football game between the Eagles and the Giants. Here in the facial and body expressions of four of the youth I think one can detect the moments of ectasy and agony of the game. Ultimately, it was the agony. The Eagles lost - too many fumbles.

A few more youth in the water now. I think the football game was either just about over or over when the picture was taken. Some of the youth were probably still changing into their swim suits.

With the exception of the last picture, the pictures that follow show some organized games that the youth sponsors had planned.

In this activity, the objective was to be the first person to remove the shaving cream from their partner's chin by the spray of a small plastic water gun.

These youth had to race through eating a plate of whipped cream without the use of their hands, and then chew the red bubble gum, and try to be the first to blow a real bubble. I love many of their expressions and facial appearances.

Here's a game involving shaving cream and corn curls. The object was to get as many corn curls sticking to your partner's face as possible as illustrated in the picture above and below. The guy in the black t-shirt on the left in both pictures is our full time associate pastor who works half time with our youth.

A jello eating contest. We started them with straws; but that was going to slow. So we allowed them to eat it without the use of their hands.

This was near the end of the evening. Many of junior youth gathered round in the wading pool for a social time together. It was a fun time together.


Ginnie said...

Those are some of the most clever games I've ever seen, Tim. Good "clean" fun is about as good as it gets! Your church is gonna end up with one group of very well-grounded kids!!!

judypatooote said...

It does my heart good to see so many youth having so much fun....Good fun.......You must be a blessing to them......

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. We have very dedicated youth sponsors and the kids are great.

Thanks, judypatooote. It is good to see kids having fun. Sometimes we adults could learn from them. :)