Saturday, September 16, 2006

Green Lane Nature Hike, No. 2, The Beinning of Fall

This evening I went on a nature hike near Green Lane, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The hike was near the Green Lane Reservoir but for the most part not at it. It was a mostly cloudy evening with the sun breaking through at times.

Beautiful, bright red berries

Puffy, cottony seeds

Moss on the rocks

The Perkiomen Creek near Green Lane

Beautiful, pink flowers


A goldenrod scene

Indian Pipes

[Sage identified this for me. I then researched it on the Web and found out that while it may look like a fungus, it is not a fungus but a flowering plant.]

Fall beginning to show its colors


RubySoho said...

Fall always makes me a little reminiscent of collecting leaves with mom, but these photos are so beautiful I feel happy that fall is coming soon. They say we don't really have seasons here in L.A., but fall in L.A. is all I really know. I missed you Tim. I hope all is great.

Daniele Marioli said...

Very nice blog!
Good shot!
We are very naturalist!

Cergie said...

Pink flower = phlox, same name in English, smelling very good, one of my favorite garden flowers (I took my "hummingbird"'s photo on it !)The golden one, you showed it yet. It grows everywhere here. Seeds very speed !! Ehehe !
Its name in French = solidago or also "verge d'or" (in English = "goldenrod".)

The berries, I'ld prefer redcurant even without sugar. And the mushroom, I've comment enough about mushrooms on your blog before.

Autumn is here early this year and I can see that it's the same in Pennsylvania.

sage said...

The golden rod is much more beautiful in photo than live (I have a field of it behind the house and am praying for a good frost for it kills my sinuses). I've always known the white looking plants you question as mushrooms not their scientific name) as "indian pipes" Nice pictures.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, rubysoho. It is good to hear from you once again. I missed you, too. When I was much younger, I used to at times collect fall leaves, too, for their pretty colors. Fall is a beautiful season here in Pennsylvania. I look forward to seeing more of you here and at your blog. I always enjoyed reading your poetry and your sharing of your college life. I am doing well other than fall allergies at times. Hope you are doing well also.

Thanks, daniele marioli. Yes, we do enjoy nature. We have that very much in common. Thanks for coming by.

Thanks, cergie, for all your comments. I learn much through them. As for the red berries, I think you prefer the red currants because they are "edible". I doubt that these are. Red currants are beautiful for their color but not their taste! ;)

Hi, sage. I have wondered before why you said the goldenrod is more beautiful in pictures than in real life. Now you have explained and I sympathize. Thanks for identifying what I labeled as mushrooms with a question mark. I have now changed that on my post and added a little more information from googling.

Susan Jones said...

Beautiful photos Time!

Nabeel said...

the first picture is just amazing .. the color contrasts are perfect .. was it taken after rain? As i can see raindrops dripping down.

backpack_everyday said...

Nice looking berries...

Merili said...

The first shot is just so perfect

Deals On Wheels said...

I miss living up in the north east (note: I lived in northern Maryland for 4 years, upstate NY for 4 years and DC for 2 years). I loved having a "fall" - no, no, scratch that...I LOVED having SEASONS!

Leaves in Texas don't change until NOVEMBER (if then). We had a cold front and now it is...get the upper 80s. Sigh.

P.S. My favorite image is the one of the barn. I love stuff like that.

mreddie said...

Great shots as usual - fall is my second most favorite season - the first being spring. ec

Charley said...

Again...amazing photos and what a great place to hike!!!!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, susan jone. Glad you enjoyed my nature photos.

Hi, nabeel. That first pictue is one of my favorites, too. And, yes, it had rained that morning and these berries were still wet in the late afternoon.

Thanks, backpace_everyday. Good to hear from you again.

Thanks, merili. I think a lot of us appreciate that first photo with the red berries.

Hi, deals on wheels. I think I would miss the changing seasons,too. And, oh, I don't envy your cool temperatures. ;) That picture of the old building attracts me, too. One wonders what stories it has to tell. It is situated right along the Perkiomen Creek which during heavy rains becomes like an angry river.

Thanks, mreddie. I like all seasons; any season too long by itself I think would lose its attraction to me. :)

Hi, charley. I am blessed with many great places to hike within an hour's drive of me. In fact, many are much closer than that.

Ocean said...

Nice pictures. I just wonder how they got the flag up there on that barn without the whole thing falling in.

Charley said...


My wife and I lived in Marin County, California for the first year and a half of our marriage. It was also an amazing place for hiking. I so miss living in a place like that. One of my favorite places to hike in Marin is the The Point Reyes National Sea Shore which was was a short drive from our home. It has miles and miles of beautiful trails. I have been going through hiking withdrawels ever since we moved from there!

Ginnie said...

I love the berries and the Indian Pipes. I love all of it because it's Nature. As always, Tim, you've whetted my appetite for more!

Minka said...

Just lovely!
Beuatiful pictures. I love dteh berries. Took a picture myself today of them!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, ocean. That's a good question as the building was obviously not in good shape.

Hi, charley. It does sound like where you used to live was an excellent place for hiking. I think I would miss that, too.

Hi, ginnie. Those are among my favorite photos, too. But they all tell a story.

Thanks, minka. The berries are beautiful.

Lorie said...

Oooh, GREAT pics!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, Lorie. Glad you enjoyed them.

fairyesque-scandal said...

*Sigh* I love Fall...Thanks for reminding me that is exists. Here in California, it's still, like, 80 degrees out ~_^ I love your shots, especially the berries and the beautifully colored leaves. Gorgeous!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, fairyesque-scandal. Fall does have its beauty. I love all the seasons of the year. I, too, thought the berry picture was extra special.