Sunday, October 12, 2008

Along the Delaware River

Back on August 16, 2008, I took a hike along the Frenchtown, New Jersey side of the Delaware River. It was a beautiful sunny day. The photos below were some of the highlights of the hike.


Fred said...

Great highlights!

Cergie said...

Ah ! I can understand now :
"Back on August..."
First I was surprise to see the purple flowers on two pictures. I saw the same in Summer, along wet roads (they need water). I like these wild flowers because they are at the same time generous and hight and light.
As usual, a lot of beautiful pictures here. The lighting is important and you managed with the shade to do all you catched beautifuller (yes it was possible)

Ginnie said...

I bet the autumn colors are now in their glory, Tim. But these images do a good job of telling us what it was like back then!