Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chincoteague, Part 3, Wild Ponies

My wife and I were at Chincoteague, Virginia September 5-8 to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Chincoteague and Assateague are known for their wild ponies. The first six photos below are wild ponies seen from a boat tour taken Sunday evening. The last three photos were taken during a late Monday morning bike ride. The second of those three photos shows how far away we were from the ponies on our bike ride. The bikes we rented were single speed bikes and it seemed strange to brake by pushing the bike pedals backward.


Fred said...

Great pictures, Tim. I enjoyed all three posts.

Happy First Anniversary to you and you wife!

choochoo said...

happy anniversary. I love horses. They're all so purty.

Cergie said...

How wonderul it was to be alone both of you for this first wedding anniversary ; without any worry, it was surely sooooo rooomantic...
These ponies were not annoying at all, were they ? They were so far from you, of course. I can imagine they are the same than the ones of native American
In the south part of France, la Camargue, which is a large marchland, we have herds of white horses living free, however they all belong to somebody

Ginnie said...

We don't usually see photos of wild ponies in blogs, Tim, so this is a treat. And BTW, didn't you grow up on a bike like that? That's all we knew when we were kids!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, fred. I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. And it has been a good first year and a good first anniversary.

Thanks, choochoo. The ponies are beautiful. God's creation is marvelous.

Thanks, cergie. The ponies are actually owned between the state of Virginia and the Chincoteague fire company. Some of those owned by the Chincoteague Fire company are rounded up late each summer and sold at a benefit auction for the fire company.

Thanks, ginnie. And, yes, I did grow up on a bike like that. But it was so long ago that I almost forgot what they were like. :)