Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Hike along the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek near Perkasie

Wednesday a week ago, I went for a hike along the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek near Perkasie, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was a cold but mostly sunny day. My fingers sometimes almost froze. :) But these were some of the sights of the hike.

A moss and fungi covered portion of a trunk hanging over the creek

Deep blue skies, puffy white clouds

Yellow sprouts just out of the soil

I see a bird's face and scarecrow
What do you see?

A contrast of rough and smooth
Notice the tree reflections in the smooth background

White fungi in a dark woods

Do you see the reflections in the creek of blue skies and white clouds?


photowannabe said...

Nice shots Tim. I love how you capture your walks in the woods. Good to hear from you again. Its been a while since I have been to your blog too. Isn't your 1 year anniversary coming up soon? This year has gone pretty fast.
Wishing you a blessed Easter.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Great shots, I am so envious that you can go hiking along a creek and see actual running water and not ice and snow! We here in S Ontario are still snowbound and likely to stay that way for a few weeks yet. We have SO MUCH SNOW! I loke the little shoots springing up through the dead leaves. Makes me think that Spring might actually arrive here in Canada one day!

... Paige said...

The fragmented tree, branch/roots, was a bit scary looking to me. too bad I don’t see the scare crow, it may have frightened away the feeling I had.
take care & my best to your other half.

Murf said...

I see splinters!

Cergie said...

On that post, for that time, I prefer the pictures which are not details. They are so neat : the black tree silhouette against the blue sky and the two pictures of the rivers. These three photos make me dream. They tell me : "come and have a hike" !

Ginnie said...

You will now get out on hikes more and more, Tim, I'm sure of it. It's gonna happen!

Charley Pitchford said...

Well, I wish I could hop over your neck of the woods and take a hike. As always, your hike photos are amazing. I can almost imagine that I'm there!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, photowannabe. Glad you enjoyed my walk in the woods. Our wedding anniversary comes up in September.

Thanks, ex-shammickite. I like to share my hiking joys with others. And Spring is coming if ever too slow. :)

Thanks, paige. I like to play with my imagination and see what I and others can see. There'll be more of these in future posts.

Thanks, murf! I suppose one could get splinters from that wood but only if one was reckless. ;)

Thanks, cergie. I, too, like photos that make me dream and invite me on journeys both real and of the mind.

Thanks, ginnie. I'm working at it. ;)