Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tuesday's Hike

This photo was taken near a creek just below the
Vernfield Landis Supermarket in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

A former mill along the Perkiomen Creek near the
Spring Mount Ski Area in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

A Forest View from the Perkiomen Trail near Spring Mount

The Perkiomen Creek near Spring Mount

An Early Autumn View Along the Trail

A Piece of the Perkiomen Trail near Spring Mount

Fallen Leaves


Another View Along the Perkiomen Trail


Ginnie said...

Ooooo-la-la, Tim. The Reflections pic needs to be made into a jigsaw puzzle!!

Cergie said...

How I envy you who live in such a gorgeous area. Especially just now when the colors of the autumn are singing. (Wonderful leaves). The reflections in the water return them still more beautiful. I am so happy that you have enough time now, not only for bloging, posting and sharing your pictures, but also to visit me more often...

Paige said...

Ya know we just don't get the changing colors here. Not really, trees go from green to brown leaves on the ground.
Today we get a "cold snap" going from the high 80s yeterday to the 50s this afternoon. Most likely back to the 90s tomorrow. Ain't the south great!

choochoo said...

I love the pick of the old mill

Bekah said...

Tim! I'm so happy for you that you got married! God bless you and your wife! Wow--how exciting!


Murf said...

I kept reading this as the Pokemon Trail.

sage said...

you always make me want to get outdoors, I love the old mill

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. I think that photo would make a great jigsaw puzzle though it would probably frustrate me to no end to complete it. :)

Thanks, cergie. I'm glad you enjoy my nature photos. I still get busy at times; but I'm working at trying to visit my blog friends more and to post more frequently.

Thanks, paige. It is always good to have you drop by.

Thanks, choochoo. I like old mills, too.

Thanks, bekah. It has been and is an exciting time. God has been good to me and my wife.

Thanks, murf. It is good to see you here again. I missed your presence in my blog comments.

Thanks, sage. If my photos makes you want to get out doors and appreciate nature, then my blog is fulfilling one of its purposes. :)

SunSpott said...

Tim, in the early 1980s, I walked door to door soliciting signatures for a petition to save the public right-of-way to the historic dirt road that wrapped around the foot of Spring Mountain (in Upper Salford Township, Montgomery County, PA). but I never took so much as a single shot of the path that was, and remains, so close to my heart. Thank you for doing such a good job. I have saved your photos for my personal use.

-- SunSpott