Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lighthouse views on our honeymoon in Maine and Campobello Island

During our honeymoon, my wife and I viewed several lighthouses in Maine and Campobello Island, Canada. A few photos of these are shown below.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse near Lubec, Maine

Mulholland Point Lighthouse on Campobello Island, Canada

East Quoddy Head Lighthouse on Campobello Island, Canada

East Quoddy Head Lighthouse on Campobello Island, Canada

Egg Rock Lighthouse in entrance to Frenchman Bay
near Acadia National Park, Maine

Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Acadia National Park, Maine
We saw this from land; it would be better viewed from the sea.


Benjie said...

More great pictures, Tim. Lighthouses have alwasy been a favorite of mine.

Also, You've been chosen to receive a free copy of Guardian of Light for participating in our interview over at Book 'em Benj-O. To receive your free copy (signed by the author) just contact me ( with mailing information.

Ginnie said...

I am a total glutton for lighthouses, Tim. Thanks for capturing these!

Paige said...

They are all great shots. So pretty. Hope y'all had a super time
ain't love grand

choochoo said...

Great pics. I love lighthouses. When I was a kid, I used to want to live on one.

Cergie said...

Did you know that everywhere in the world the lighthouses are red when one enters the port on the left side and green on the right side ?
Seas and oceans belong to everybody, so they must have an universal language.

On your pictures, I like the deep blue colours and the texture of the water...
How beautiful was the weather !

photowannabe said...

Fantastic lighthouse photos. They look like beautiful postcard shots.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, benjie. Lighthouses are fun! And thanks for the free book.

Thanks, ginnie. Glad you enjoyed these lighthouse photos.

Thanks, paige. And, yes, love is grand!

Thanks, choochoo. Lighthouses do have their own romance.

Thanks, cergie. I'm glad I can provide my readers with photos such as these.

Thanks, photowannabe. I particularly like the top lighthouse photo. That would be the one that I would want on a postcard. :)

sage said...

you should visit Michigan, we have lots of lighthouses