Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We're back! :)

Just a short note to let you know that I and my wife are back from our honeymoon in Maine and a little bit of Canada. This is just one of many pictures to come from our sightseeing up North. This is a sunrise photo from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine. We had an excellent trip; but it feels good to be back home, too. :) Look for more posts from me in the days to come. And thanks to all of you for your best wishes.


sage said...

That's a wonderful view. Congratulations, glad you had a nice trip and welcome home.

photowannabe said...

Welcome home and congratulations again. Your photo shows a magical honeymoon.

Murf said...

So, in order to see a sunrise while on a honeymoon, does that mean you stayed up all night or did you actually get up early? ;-)

Cergie said...

That's nice you are back and had nice weather during your honeymoon !
Honey or rtaher chocolate and honey yes and also orange maemelade
I can imagine. It was so sweet exactly lik that pretty sunrise...

I hope you'll soon publish again

Bienvenu (welcome)chez vous deux (you both) dans votre nouveau foyer (new home)

Ava said...

What a breath taking view! I'm so glad that you're back! You've been missed and I'm looking forward to the pictures!

Charley Pitchford said...

Tim, Congratulations!!!!! I'm very happy for you and your new wife. Blessings upon your new family and home.

Ginnie said...

Welcome back, Tim. Welcome back as a married man! :) Congratulations once again.

I have been to Acadia National Park once in my life and loved it...but didn't get a sunrise/set. So thanks.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, sage. We had a great trip and it is also good to be back home. :)

Thanks, photowannabe. Our honeymoon was a precious time.

Hi, murf. I actually did get up early that morning to see the sunrise. I had to drive up to the top of Cadillac Mountain.

Thanks, cergie. It was a very good time. And it is also good to be able to share some of our sightseeing with my blog friends.

Thanks, ava. I enjoy sharing my photography with you all.

Thanks, charley pitchford. I appreciate your blessing on our new beginning together.

Thanks, ginnie. Glad you enjoyed the sunrise photo. There will be more coming.