Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sunflowers and a Hike on State Game Land

The first two photos were taken from some fields of sunsflowers at a farm over Schwenksville way, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The rest of the photos were take on some Pennsylvania State Game Land on Game Farm Road just a ways beyond Schwenksville.

A Close-Up View

The Larger Field

Early Signs of Autumn

Queen Anne's Lace

A Pretty Wildflower - Not a Thistle

Some Tall Field Corn I Hiked Past

Fluffy Seeds

Huge Straw Bales



Ava said...

What a great post! Love the sunflower pictures!!! And the corn. Those were my two favorites!!!

I hope that you have a great weekend! See you on Tuesday!

Ginnie said...

Gotta love those sunflowers, indeed. I also like the "not a thistle" pic. :)

susan d said...

This reminds me of North Dakota for some reason (sunflowers, cattails).

judypatooote said...

Hi Tim, great pictures and I love the fluffy seeds....they look like feathers.....

photowannabe said...

Hey Tim, beautiful sunflowers and all the photos in this post. They have such a summer feel to them.
Times getting close for the big day isn't it. Hope things are moving along well.

sage said...

I love the sunflower photos and it looks like the corn your way got more water than the corn over here

tweeboowee said...

wow, those pictures are just beautiful!

Cergie said...

Everywhere in the world the same country side, because men need to grow what is necessary to food them
Sunflowers, asit was the case last year. And yet, I notice that that year I did not manage to catch only one beautiful picture of them because they are too dry now, I waited a too oong time; maybe I was busy so I took no picture
Nevermind, i can come and watch at these pretty sunny flowers on your blog and enjoy them....

consise10 said...

The visuals on your nature walks are simply amazing..thanks for sharing Tim!

JAM said...

I like them all, but especially that sea of sunflowers in the second sunflower photo.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ava. I like those photos, too.

Thanks, ginnie. The "not a thistle" pic is neat in my opinion also.

Hi, susan d. Thanks for coming by.

Thanks, judypatooote. Beauty does come in many forms.

Thanks, photowannabe. The big day is coming close. Lots of work but we going to get there with God's help and the help of our friends and family. :)

Thanks, sage. I think that corn and most of the corn in our area got the rains when it needed most.

Thanks, tweeboowee. Glad you came by.

Thanks, cergie. Glad I could provide you with this enjoyment.

Thanks, consise10. It was a beautiful walk though it was a hot day.

Thanks, jam. The sunflowers were really beautiful that day.

tweeboowee said...
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Charley Pitchford said...

I have so missed visiting your blog. We just moved to a house with cable Internet after having been with very slow dial up for four months. I've not posted to my blog during that time nor have a visited anyone else's blog. I think I've been in blog depression :-( It's so good to be back in the land of the living at least where the internet is concerned. As always your blog inspires me and makes me want to go hiking!