Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter-Some Indoor Activities

In the previous post I showed some outdoor activities from my family's Easter gathering. In this post, I am sharing some indoor activities. It was a good time of fellowshipping, playing games, eating, and just enjoying being with one another.

The first three pictures show a dice game in which one scores either 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 times the value of the number facing up on the die rolled depending on where the die lands.

Throwing with intent

Smiles and laughter

Reading time

Playing Rook


sage said...

your family always looks so wholesome (or is that, like the bakery, holsum). What kind of position do you want me to write a reference for you to apply for?

Murf! said...

Is fellowshipping an actual word? :-) I like your dad. It looks like he thoroughly enjoys these family get togethers.

Ginnie said...

You have the quintessential extended family, Tim. I love it everytime I see it!

Moi said...

lovely happy pics, Tim. Aren't u blessed!! :)
The look in the second pic is beautifully captured!! And he last pic is precious :)

Minka said...

Yep...this is how Easter should be spent. Within the family, playing games, laughing and enjoying each other. Your pictures are always heart warming. Thank you!cjut

judypatooote said...

I love family game time....that game is one I never saw before.. what is it called.....I like games that don't take much concentration... for I am gabby.... LOL

photowannabe said...

Tim, this is a delightful family you have. Everyone looks like they have so much fun together. Thanks for sharing.

Kevin Stilley said...

The dice game looks like lots of fun, do you know the name of it?

larryrice said...

dice game is called "Tumblin-Dice". good times...:-)

always good to see pics of the family Tim...being away in Michigan I enjoy being able to be "part" of the family get-togethers through your pictures although it generally just gets me a bit homesick!

Ben Reynolds said...

Hey Tim, looks like you guys are having fun too!! Thanks for the visit.

Cergie said...

I'm imagining how it may have be fine

It's so wonderful when old and oldest angd young and youngest people are all together
It's funny for the old persons and good for the young
It's good for everyone

You are a lucky man, tim having such a wonderful familly

mreddie said...

That lloks like a happy, fun family gathering - and that's a very good thing. ec

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, sage. God has blessed my extended family greatly. As for reference, I think my fiancée would be thrilled if I found a nature photography job. But since I mostly do plant life and landscapes and not too much other wildlife, I'm not sure what the possibilities are. Perhaps it is something I need to research sometime after the wedding.

Hi, murf. I think fellowshipping is an actual word. Even if it isn't, it comes up about 124,000 times on Google. And we all enjoy our family gatherings. :)

Thanks, ginnie. I love my extended family. :) And I'm glad you enjoy the pictures of my extended family.

Thanks, moi. I am most certainly blessed.

Thanks, minka. Family gatherings are important and fun times for us.

Thanks, judypatooote. As my brother Larry responded, the name of the game is "Tumblin-Dice" and the game can be purchased online at Another of my brothers also wrote me that the full size version of this game seems to be only available at the above web site. A smaller version is available on

Thanks, photowannabe. I'm glad you enjoy seeing the pics of my family gathering.

Thanks, kevin stilley. See my response to judypatoote above.

Thanks, larry. Glad you enjoy being a part of the family gathering through my pictures. But I can imagine that it could make one a bit homesick that way. Thanks for naming the game, too.

Thanks, ben reynolds. We do have fun when we get together as a family. We are a good fit. :)

Thanks, cergie. Indeed I am blessed to have such a good multi-generational family to be a part of and celebrate with.

Thanks, mreddie. It is a good thing to have an extended family such as I do. We all are blessed by God and one another.

choochoo said...

looks like you had a good easter:)

San Nakji said...

Wow, that is one freaky looking game!