Monday, March 26, 2007

Along the Tohickon

Yesterday late afternoon I went on a hike along the Tohickon Creek near Ralph Stover State Park in Plumstead and/or Tinicum Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was a beautifully warm sunny day.

A small portion of the Tohickon Creek

A moss-covered tree trunk

Another view of the Tohickon Creek

A heavily fungi covered tree trunk

Some rock bluffs along the Tohickon Creek


photowannabe said...

Very majestic country you live in. You have so many places to hike. The moss is so vivid and lush on that tree. Nice shots.

Kevin Stilley said...

I am assuming that Tohickon is an Native American Indian word. Do you know what nation the word comes from?

Moi said...

u didn't need to mention abt it being a warm sunny day.......after ages, i saw streaks of sunlight in the ur hiking pics...:)..beautiful as always...and like always the moss in ur pics looks prettier than i have ever seen it before....:)

sage said...

It's almost warm enough today to go wading--are there trout in that stream?

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, photowannabe. I'm just waiting till Spring arrives full fledge for the neatest of pictures. :)

Hi, kevin stilley. Tohickon comes from the Lenape Native American language and means Dear-Bone Creek.

Thanks, moi. The moss is beautiful at many places around here.

Hi, sage. It was that warm here today, too. And I think there are some trout in the Tohickon although I have only rarely seen any.

Deals On Wheels said...

I love the bright green moss on the tree trunk. Beautiful!

Leah said...

Looks like fungus is one of your favourite subject. My husband likes to take photos of them as well.

Great photos...enjoyable hike I'm sure.

Memories Catcher said...

Beautiful place.I like it!Great shots.I like the details.

Mikaela said...

My dad and a bunch of his river rat friends run the Tohickon each fall when they have the release. They get a cabin for the weekend - it's so much fun :)

Great photos, as always!

Marguerite said...

The trunk covered with moss is so beautifully alive, it is looking like a green fured animal
I like stream the small giving its water to the bigger one and disappearing

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, deals on wheels. That is one of my favorite photos, I think. :)

Thanks, leah. I do enjoy photographing fungi. And during the months before spring and summer arrive, one can't be to choosy about what to photograph. ;)

Thanks, memories catcher. Glad you enjoyed my hike.

Thanks, mikaela. The Tohickon can be such fun for so many different reasons. :)

Thanks, marguerite. Glad you enjoyed these photos.

judypatooote said...

How do you find so many gorgeous places to hike, and snap the is so beautiful around you.....LUCKY!