Monday, January 15, 2007

Treasured Gifts

Treasured gifts
Made by small hands
Full of love

Treasured gifts
A child's imagination
Full of eagerness

Treasured gifts
A thank you
Full of friendship

Treasured gifts
A child's heart
Filled with love


Anonymous said...

Is there a small (or maybe big?) heart in a small frame with small hands giving small gifts full of love to you? I'm lucky enough to have three of those in my life.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. I'd love to know the background to that. That work of art will be a cherished treasure.

sage said...

kind and gentle words, a beautiful poem

Ginnie said...

I'm thinking of one of your nieces, Tim, so if not, pray tell!

Anonymous said...

that's cute:)

Merili said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, sooo cute!!!

photo-effe said...

Beautiful poem, lucky

Anonymous said...

Indeed a treasure......

Tim Rice said...

Hi, annie. I am blessed with many nieces and nephews who each in their own various ways give me many precious gifts of love.

Thanks, photowannabe. One of my three nieces made that piece of art for me. My nieces love to be creative in artistic ways and to express their love by sharing their work with their uncles and aunt.

Thanks, sage. And very true words, too.

Hi, ginnie. Yes, it was one of my nieces. Good guess! :)

Thanks, choochoo. They and their art work are precious to me.

Thanks, merili. Kids are wonderful in their creativity and love.

Thanks, photo-effe. I am blessed!

Thanks, judypatooote. A very precious treasure, too. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so precious. Not only will you treasure that forever, your niece will always know how much her uncle appreciated her work of love.

San Nakji said...

Is this cloth East Asian in its' origin? It looks familiar...

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, faye pekas. My nieces and my nephews do mean a lot to me. And I appreciate the gifts they make for me.

Hi, san nakji. It is actually a paper napkin that they turned into a work of art. Where the napkin was made I do not know.

Cergie said...

It seems to be a kind of tissue
Beatuiful drawning
Kind gift
Kind poem too from you, it's simply written and that's nice