Tuesday, January 02, 2007

At the Birthday Party of My Youngest Niece

Last week, I was at the birthday party for my youngest niece. It was an excellent time of fun, food, and fellowship. Below are a few pictures from the evening.

This is a board game given as a gift in which the objective is to collect the most horse cards by the end of the game.

My youngest niece on the phone

My dad and a brother playing two person Rook

Some more of my hephews, nieces, and brothers

The birthday cake

The birthday girl and her food ;)


Anonymous said...

Ah, birthday fun. I believe that these gatherings are more fun for the adults than the guests of honor.

Happy birthday to your niece.

Anonymous said...

A delightful looking family Tim. It looks like a yummy birthday spread. I think my favorite ice cream is going to be devoured; mint chocolate chip...ummm

Anonymous said...

A fun photo. Looks like a good time for everyone. The house looks very kid friendly :)

M(urf)! said...

ACK! More games!

Anonymous said...

the cake is cute with the horse on it.....as is the little birthday girl......last sat. at our party we played farkle.....it is a dice game, and makes you want to loose just to say farkle.....lol

Cergie said...

Have you done the birthday cake, tim ?
When I was in the south for Christmas time, we played very much too all together

sage said...

Nice cake, did you bake it? I bet she enjoyed the horse on it.

Merili said...

She is adorable :)) Happy new year by the way :) I hope it's the best one for you yet!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, benjamin potter. These birthday gatherings definitely are fun for us adults; but I think the children love them in our family because of all the attention and love we give them.

Thanks, photowannabe. And, yes, mint chocolate chip is wonderful ice cream!

Thanks, faye pekas. It was a good time for everyone - kids and adult.

Hi, murf. You just don't know what is fun! ;)

Thanks, judypatoootie. The birthday girl is cute, isn't she? :)

Hi, cergie. No, I didn't make the cake. The mother of the birthday girl made the cake.

Thanks, sage. No, as above I didn't make the cake; but yes I think she enjoyed the horse on the cake. She is really into horses right now.

Thanks, merili. Yes, all my nieces are adorable. And may you have a happy New Year, too!

Anonymous said...

aww how cute .. the kids and the big boys playing in harmony. Happy Birthday to your sweet niece and may she see many more.

Shionge said...

What a fun time to bond at the same time during birthday party.

Happy Birthday to her :D

Bone said...

That two-person Rook game looks intense.

We call that Tennessee For Two down here, and one person usually ends up crying.

I'm here from Sage's.

Anonymous said...

Yey! for the birthday girl!!! I love birthdays (as long as they aren't mine)!

She's SOOOOoooo cute!

San Nakji said...

Your brother looks just like you!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, nabeel. In our family both the young and the older love spending time together.

Thanks, shionge. The birthday party and other family events do serve as a good time to bond.

Thanks, bone, for dropping by and sharing a little bit. We Rices can get intense in our game playing. :)

Thanks, deals on wheels. She is cute, isn't she? The whole family of girls is cute.

Hi, san nakji. Well, we do come from the same parents. :)

Ginnie said...

I'm guessing she really likes horses, right? :)

I love it that you have so much family time with your brothers, parents, nieces and nephews. This is so important for all of you!