Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lake Nockamixon at Evening, part 2

This is a continuation of the hike I was on in the previous post at Lake Nockamixon. Only this post will only show some sights from near the lake not the lake itself. Many of these photos are not as dramatic as those in the previous post. But it is all part of life's story.

Entering the dark forest :)

Clouds under the setting sun

A fungus close up

A collection of fungi
Notice how the one fungus has a branch growing through its center.

As promised, here is the picture that shows that it was cold enough to have ice on top of small water puddles.

I always enjoy seeing moss. There's just something about moss that has fascinated me since even my childhood.


photowannabe said...

All the pictures are great but I like the Fungi the best, the clouds aren't bad either in fact I really can't say which is best. They all are.

mreddie said...

Enjoyed the photos much - even the last one that also showed the leaves slowly composting to enrich the soil for next year's growth. ec

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. I like the shoot coming up through the fungi. The night shot is scary but as long as I'm not walking out there in the dark, I like it :)

Cergie said...

I like moss too and dry leaves
They both smells so good
I use moss to do beautifuler my Christ Child's crib
I put pebbles and sand too
So, it seems like a miniature wild lanscape

sage said...

such a good eye, the branch growing through the fungi

Ginnie said...

Ohhhh, I love that sky, Tim!! It took my breath away.

bart said...

Very nice serie of pictures!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, photowannabe. Glad you enjoyed the fungi and the clouds. I love them both. :)

Thanks, mreddie. Your eyes see so much that many of us would miss.

Thanks, faye pekas. I thought the shoot coming through the fungus was neat, too. And I grew up in the country and often took long walks at night. There's something special about walking in the country at nighttime.

Hi, cergie. I like how you make your Christ display seem more natural and real.

Thanks, sage. So much beauty can be found if only our eyes are open to it.

Thanks, ginnie. Glad it spoke to you.

Thanks, bart. Come back and visit again. I enjoyed your blog, too. :)

San Nakji said...

That moss is great! Looks like a little island in the leaves :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Moss! On the mountain in PA that I grew up on, there were these huge patches of thick, green moss that the deer would lay on. When we walked down the pathway, I would always insist on laying in it. A good memory!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, san nakji. The moss does look like an island in a sea of leaves.

Thanks, trailady. Moss can feel so wonderful!