Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Children's Christmas Program

This past Sunday, our church held its annual children's Christmas program. The children performed a musical entitled The Christmas Checklist authored by Cathy Skogen-Soldner. It is always good to see the children put their heart and soul into this program. And afterwards, the congregation fellowships over cookies and punch.

Initial entry picture

Joseph and Mary checking their supplies

The youngest children singing

The innkeeper speaking with Joseph and Mary
after the birth of Jesus

The angels

The shepherds and sheep
just after the angels had visited

The shepherds preparing to visit Jesus

Another view of the shepherds and sheep

The wisemen who came to see Jesus


Anonymous said...

I think one of my favorite things about the Christmas season is the children's program at church.
The kids are real troopers and those little guys just climb right into my heart.
A very nice record of a great event.

San Nakji said...

I am glad to see Mary and Joseph have what matters... Pringles!

Anonymous said...

Good job documenting this. I'm sure a lot of people will cherish these images.

mreddie said...

The children's program is always the best - and the most energetic! ec

Anonymous said...

I love children's programs. I always cry through the whole thing though. Even if I don't know the kids.

I'm sure the kids will love these photos forever.

M(urf)! said...

Your pictures remind me of my time when I was a frequent church goer. This church has a living nativity scene outside on certain nights leading up to Christmas. They were so hard up for actors that I was made to be a shepherd (I was about 22). My mom ended up being Mary (she was about 52...the oldest person to ever play Mary perhaps?). Thankfully no one was there to take pictures of that. :)

sage said...

Great photos--you tell the story well with your photos. Although I've seen a lot of "live" children Christmas stories, my all time favorite is a scene in the movie Simon Birch. Seen it?

Camila Bernardes said...

They seem to be so happy with everything, I wish the things be always good there.
Bye bye.

Minka said...

That is just so cute....last week I sat my three little hyper active nephews down and told them we would make Christmas decorations with beads and iron them and put them up all ove rteh place. They were excited and when I asked about their suggestions, they said we shoudl do the three wise men that come to see teh baby Jesus. So there we sat for at least 2 hours and finished with three wise men, three camels and a star. I was very proud of them!

Anonymous said...

That is so precious....I love seeing the is such a serious moment, but those children just make you have to chuckle.... we have childrens church where the kids come up front and sit in the front pew.....and someone gives a childrens service, and asks questions, and the answers just crack me's my favorite part of the service......have a very Merry Christmas Tim.....I haven't posted in a while, or even read anyones is a busy time you know......

Shionge said...

This is so meaningful to spread the cheers during this festive season.

Thank you for sharing as I am not a christian I find this most interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Tim! Hey, I know you like moss pictures so you might want to check out the one that Nick has up over at

Best wishes for a blessed Christmas!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, photowannabe. The children's Christmas program is one of the most special events at Christmas time for me and I think for most if not all the congregation. Thanks.

Hi, san nakji. You would catch that, wouldn't you? ;)

Thanks, chad oneil. It's something I really enjoy doing and I know many people appreciate these photos as you say. :)

Hi, mreddie. You are so right! I think we all can learn something from the children.

Thanks, faye pekas. Children's programs are special. They are worth crying through when that emotion springs up.

Ah, murf. I should have been there to take photographs. Then I could pull them out every once and a while for your viewing benefit. ;)

Thanks, sage. I love trying to tell a story with my photos. I think I heard of the movie Simon Birch but am not sure that I have ever seen it.

Thanks, camila bernadez. Life has been good here. I hope yours is too.

Thanks, minka. That's neat what you did with your nephews. Nephews and nieces are always so precious.

Thanks, judypatooote. Children are so precious. And I can sympathize with your busyness.

Thanks, shionge. This children's Christmas program is a really event at my church. And for us Christians, Christmas time is a remembrance of the hope that Jesus gives us both for this life and the next.

Thanks, kevin steeley. I was going to check out those moss pictures just now; but I got a message that their servers are undergoing maintenance just now. I wish you a merry Christmas, too.

Merili said...

Adorable... the kids must have enjoyed it a lot!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, merili. The kids did enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,
Thank you for your pic of the youth pastor's office. I am currently obtaining info about decorating our pastor's office to show the deacons. I will use that pic to show what we don't want to do with decorating. :) Enjoyed the laugh!
J. Brown

Cergie said...

Nice !
I saw such a living crib in Germany, however unhappily for us and them it was raining frogs and dogs (and even elephant can I say !)