Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Hike along the Tohickon Creek near Stover-Myers Mill

Tuesday evening a week ago, I went hiking along the Tohickon Creek near the Stover-Myers Mill in Tinicum and Plumstead Townships, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful, mostly sunny evening for a hike - not to hot, not too cold. Below are some photos from that hike.

A view of the Tohickon Creek

A beautiful red wildflower on the bank of the creek

Another view of the Tohickon Creek

A small white wildflower

Creek scene

A large beetle

Yellow wildflowers on the creek bank

A wild grape vine

Mushrooms still intrigue me :)


Ginnie said...

By now, Tim, you should have a book full of all your photos from your hikes! You know that you can make your own??!!

... Paige said...

The shot of the creek stone is very good and I love the purpley feather like flowers in the background. I will expect a personal tour from you and your lovely wife if we should ever make it up to Pennsylvania. I heard there is some chocolate factory there and some place with ringing rocks.
As usual I enjoyed this great e-hike, thanks for the e-ride.

sage said...

I love the greens in the photos of the creek.

Charley Simko said...

Amazing photos. I love your blog!

choochoo said...

wow, what a beautiful place. I'm really jealous of your hike:D

Cergie said...

Hi Tim !

Some rivers have ever wonderful reflections, and I like to think that maybe they carry gold powder and that is the reason why. These two views of the Tohickon Creek are particularly brilliant.

I like to see the different wild life being in another countries, however I'm wondering : maybe this mushroom is the one we call "vesse de loup" in France. It is exactly like a ball and may be huge. When young, it is edible. I don't know if it is yummy though... I never tasted it.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. I did make our own photo book of our honey moon photos.

Thanks, paige. Should you come by, I would love to meet you.

Thanks, sage. Some greens really do have their aesthetic pull.

Thanks, charley simko. I hope you come back many more times.

Thanks, choochoo. It was an excellent nature hike!

Thanks, cergie. I like your explanation for the wonderful reflections in rivers and creeks. Thanks for stopping by.