Saturday, November 24, 2007

Having Our Nieces for a Sleepover

Around two weeks ago, we had our three nieces over for a sleepover. It was a fun time together. The photos below show some of the things we did together.

Putting a puzzle together and playing with Boggle

Showing some of my wife's cuddley friends

Playing with the red doll house

Making pizza rounds for lunch

Playing SkipBo

Cuddley animal fun


Ginnie said...

YAAAAAY for sleep-overs! Just think how much this will become a fun part of your married life!!! :)

Anonymous said...

They certainly had a good time! We played Skip-Bo and Boggle several times over the next few days (and still are sometimes!). The whole idea brought back fond memories for me of when Uncle Norman and Aunt Mary would have me over for two or three days as a child. I remember her taking me to Miller's Variety Store in Souderton and letting me spend a whole two dollars there, on anything I wanted! Budget basics for beginners, I guess.


Cergie said...

It's good having big children at home instead of babies. It offers the possibility to make plenty activities as you did...

All my children are away now...

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. This will be a fun part of my married of life of which there are many. :)

Thanks, phil. Great memories which I also share in. I'm glad your girls enjoyed their time here.

Thanks, cergie. Every age brings its own blessings.